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About Us

Aldjaethein company was founded in 1983 by its founder Hijra Mahdi bin Mubarak Aldjaethein Aerjany.
1. Aldjaatn factory Steel Industries.
2. Aldjaethein factory for plastic.
· Features Ferrous Industries factory: Almozd the latest equipment and expertise Bhmudallh good reputation for more than 32 years, which qualifies him to serve the Saudi market and the Gulf in the field of ferrous industries and factory work is divided into several sections, namely: -
1. INDUSTRY reservoirs of all kinds (floor - water tanks - fuel tanks - tanks list).
2. tippers boxes of all sizes and types according to specifications and international standards and the ability to manufacture according to customer's request.
3. Wabd for carrying equipment and vehicles
4. bulk cement transport trailers (Blkr) and suction tanks.
Privileged position as the ability to manufacture any order in the field of ferrous industries.
· Plastic Factory: where he founded 32 years ago to meet the needs of the Saudi market in plastic bags and are now equipped with the latest production lines and printing machines and has the ability to:
1. manufacturing all kinds of nylon bags and Gentlemen printed.
2. manufacture all kinds of bags Allaqi gentlemen and printed.
3. manufacture of all types and sizes of travel food.
4. manufacture of all types and sizes Alnviac bags.